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Here at the Chateau De Grenier Atelier, we are lucky to be based in this beautiful part of South West France, famous for its great wine, good living and fine eating and we are very happy to be able to offer individually designed and tailored workshops focused exclusively on you and your parties’ specific needs & requirements. 

My name is Katka, and I will be your host at the Chateau de Grenier Atelier, for most of the art and craft sessions you book.  Originally an accomplished artist from the UK, I specialise in creating individual art, clothing & furniture compositions that add a splash of colour and style to the home or wearer. I am passionate about supporting and reviving traditional silk painting techniques, as well as oil and watercolour painting, combining them with my inspiration for nature & culture.  Each and every item is individually hand painted, decorated and is therefore totally unique, and many of these items can be purchased in the Atellier’s gallery, along with many other arts and crafts from other local artists.

The majority of my inspiration comes from nature and my surroundings and here at the Chateau de Grenier Atelier we are fortunate enough to be situated within almost 7 hectares of park and woodland.  For me, art is a mix of interactive life experiences and relaxation, taking time out from everything to enjoy the natural surroundings, whilst creating a wonderful and unique piece of artwork or furniture.

The types of activities that you can choose to take part in are:

  • Silk Painting
  • Oil Painting
  • Watercolour Painting
  • Furniture Painting, Renovation & Upholstery
  • Kids Crafts & Parties

and all of our creative workshops are perfect for both beginners or those with more experience alike.

Many other courses & workshops can be arranged to suit individual or party specific requirements, please email Katka in advance on for any further enquiries.